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New Bravely Default II Trailer Introduces Asterisk Holders From Wiswald

Bravely Default II Asterisk Holders Wiswald

A new Bravely Default II trailer introduces us to the magic kingdom of Wiswald and key characters from the region, including three Asterisk Holders. The trailer also gives us a look at the Red Mage, Ranger, and Shield Master jobs in action.

Check out the Bravely Default II “Magic Kingdom of Wiswald” introduction trailer below:

The first character shown in the trailer is Elvis’ former mentor Emma Odilia, one of the founders of Wiswald. She once travelled across the continent of Excillant together with Gloria’s father. The next character is Roddy Grenadine, the Red Mage Asterisk Holder in Bravely Default II. He’s a longtime director of the Magic Research Institute who previously studied under Emma together with Elvis. After his daughter died from an incident, Roddy has been completely devoted to some kind of research.

Lily Grenadine is Roddy’s supportive wife and the Ranger Asterisk Holder. She hasn’t left the forest town since the passing of her daughter. However, she claims that she lives with the daughter who is said to have died. Lastly, we have the Magic Research Institute guard Galahad Kelly. He’s the Shield Master Asterisk Holder. Galahad has lived in Wiswald since the passing of his parents. He also feels responsible for the loss of Roddy and Lily’s daughter.

Bravely Default II will release for the Nintendo Switch on February 26, 2021. Check out the Final Demo for a look at the game’s first chapter. Read more about the jobs and Asterisk Holders of Bravely Default II here.

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