A New Brawler In The Gekido Series Is Coming To Mobile


Italian studio Naps Team is currently developing a new game in its Gekido brawler series for mobile.


It is set years after the last chapter of of the Game Boy Advance game, Gekido Advance: Kintaro’s Revenge, and follows a guy called Travis, who is presumably the same Travis in the original Gekido game. Looking at the single screenshot Naps Team has released so far, the “new evil menace” the team is teasing looks to be zombies.


Naps Team says that this Gekido game that is built specifically for touchscreens (so maybe a PS Vita version is possible) and could be out early next year.



The original Gekido: Urban Fighters was released for PlayStation 1 back in 2000. It went unnoticed by many but picked up a cult following due to its fast-paced combat and colorful polygonal art by Marvel artist Joe Madureira.


Then, in 2002, Naps Team created Gekido Advance: Kintaro’s Revenge, which was an action-adventure brawler spin-off with 2D pixel art and sprites for the Game Boy Advance.


Infogrames was also in development of another game in the Gekido series for the Game Boy Color, but it was never released. The two screenshots above are from that unreleased game.

Chris Priestman