New Challenges Come With Every Death In Sidescrolling Action Game Renaine



As a Phoenix Knight, Aine will revive any time she dies in action sidescroller Renaine. However, the world will shuffle around her each time, presenting new challenges for the newly-restored warrior.


Aine seeks to defeat the dragon that killed her friend, Ren, and she has as many lives as she needs to be able to do that. However, the game will alter the stages Aine is going through each time she dies, presenting a different challenge if players fail. This can eliminate especially frustrating parts if players find themselves stuck, but it can also take an easy stage and make it much more difficult on the next run.

Some aspects of Renaine look to make this a little bit easier to tolerate. Money carries over between runs, allowing players to build up cash to buy temporary tools and upgrades that can help them, but these will be lost after a new death. Quests and their rewards will also remain unlocked even upon death, allowing players to have some new optional tools, heart containers, and shops they can pick up for their next run at the game.


While stages will get more challenging as players live through them, the developers have added another touch to show players are progressing. The music in each stage grows increasingly more complex, exploring various musical styles with work from different artists, creating a richer sound that grows more intricate alongside the levels.

A demo for Renaine is available through its Kickstarter page.

Alistair Wong
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