New Character Reveal For Rise Of Incarnates Is A School Girl With A Cold Touch



Bandai Namco will be introducing a new character to the line-up of its free-to-play 2v2 arena battler Rise of Incarnates on July 29th.


Known as Yuki Himuro, or Utsutahim, she summons a snow spirit into battle that dishes out piercingly cold melee attacks. “Yuki had always hated her powers and feared the day she would be found out as an incarnate, and wished instead that her abilities would simply disappear,” reads her description. “However, to protect herself and her friends, she would have to cast her fear away and rely on one dependable thing — her own power.”



That’s not all. Bandai Namco has updated Rise of Incarnates with a new San Francisco map, available now, that sees California’s city transformed into a metropolis of ice by a supernatural disaster.




Further, Bandai Namco is hosting a Rise of Incarnates launch ranking event from Monday, July 20th until Sunday, July 26th that offers special rewards to the top 100 players. Here’s how the rewards will be distributed according to rank:


●      Rank 1-10: Golden weapon customization item

●      Rank 11-30: Silver weapon customization item

●      Rank 31-50: Bronze weapon customization item

●      Rank 51-100: LP boost tickets for 14 days


And finally, Rise of Incarnates will have presence at EVO 2015 at the Bandai Namco booth with special giveaways for those who play a match. These include cards that contain character product codes and a chance to win an exclusive Rise of Incarnates t-shirt.

Chris Priestman