New Chilla’s Art J-Horror Game Will Be Night Security

chilla's art night security

Chilla’s Art announced the title of its new horror game: Night Security. There is no news on when it will come out. In Night Security, you will take on the role of a nighttime security guard who’s working alone. But when mysterious things start to happen, you have to go and investigate what’s going on. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Night Security will be available in both English and Japanese. There’s not much detail on the plot or gameplay for it yet. Unlike Chilla’s Art games like Karaoke, which feature mini-games in it, Night Security one seems to go back to the more classic Chilla’s Art game roots of being a walking simulator with puzzle-solving and horror elements.

Though a nighttime security guard experiencing paranormal activities while working the graveyard shift alone is certainly not a new concept in horror, Five Nights at Freddy’s popularized it among modern audiences. But whereas FNAF focuses on jump scares, Chilla’s Art games leans more on psychological J-Horror. So Night Security will use the atmosphere to scare the players.

Chilla’s Art horror games like Night Security are generally walking simulators in which you explore an environment and use items you find to figure out the overarching lore of the game. Streamers often play games from the studio shortly after they come out. Some popular ones include The Closing Shift and The Convenience Store.

Night Security is in development and will come out on Windows PC.

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