New Demo For Abstract Shooter Zenzizenzic Has Beautiful Bullet Patterns



Bithuffel has updated the demo for its abstract twin-stick shooter Zenzizenzic to reflect the game’s recent development progress. It offers a slice of how the rest of the game will play.


Zenzizenzic combines bullet hell and arena-based shooters, as its levels shift between states as you progress through them. It’s designed to be as tough as old school shooters, with perplexing patterns of bullets, obtuse bosses, and screen-carving objects that force pixel-precise movement onto you.


The game also has a Macro mode, which Bithuffel says adds a roguelike, open world flavor to the game. In this mode, you’re able to explore the world free from camera lock, and venture into progressively tougher areas.


It’s also a game that’s easy to recognize with just a glance at one of its screenshots. It has a unique geometrical visual design, which draws comparison to modernist and mathematical art. There are lots of thick lines, simple shapes, and bold colors.


More importantly, this art style means that everything on screen is clearly presented, which is always preferred for a chaotic shooter. Hopefully, then, you shouldn’t miss sight of, say, an enemy bullet as it flies towards you. You’ll only have yourself to blame for any hiccups.


You can check out Zenzizenzic for yourself right now by downloading the demo for Windows, Mac, or Linux. You can also sign-up for the newsletter with the chance of randomly receiving a beta key. Zenzizenic is due to be released for PC in June 2015 and is being published by Adult Swim Games.

Chris Priestman