A New Demo Comes To Drag You Back To The Ito-Inspired World Of Horror


A new demo for -Kyōfu No Sekai- World Of Horror has come to bring players back to 1-Bit Macintosh visuals and a realm about to be consumed by the Old Gods.


Players will find themselves in a seaside village in Japan in the year 198X. Sickening creatures have begun to show up all over the village, their presence heralding the return of the Old Gods. Players will not be able to stop the return of these malevolent beings, but their actions may let them slow them down, or at least turn back their minions.

Players will use a card-based battle system, moving through an ever-shifting reality as they fight back against beings from beyond time and space. These creatures, inspired by the unsettling works of Ito, will wear down the character’s sanity, as will other aspects of these hauntings and attacks, forcing players to work to keep their minds intact as they try to survive the game’s randomized encounters.


Players can begin their battle against evil and the unsettled mind by downloading World of Horror’s new demo from

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