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New DNF Duel Trailer Focuses on Characters’ Illustrations

New DNF Duel Trailer Focuses on Characters’ Illustrations

A new DNF Duel trailer focusing on its characters is here, and it teases more news and content. The first half of the video focuses on illustrations of its fighters. These seem like they could be shots pulled from an arcade or story mode. The description featured a note that said, “We’ll be back with more news for you soon!” This could be referring to more mode and roster news.

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The illustrations in the DNF Duel trailer begin by showing off the Berserker and Grappler characters. Berserker is surrounded by enemies, while Grappler is surrounded by fallen foes. After that, the Inquisitor appears holding her axe. The image after that features an encounter between the Hitman and Ranger. It is followed by the Kunoichi in a city, leaning against a wall while she observes other people. The Crusader appears to be working with the Ghostblade in the following shot. Finally, there’s a moment that shows the Vanguard and Berserker facing off. From there, the video shows some in-battle footage.

Here’s the new DNF Duel trailer showing off characters and art.

A few members of the cast didn’t appear in the teaser’s illustrations. Both the Dragon Knight and Striker were absent. It also didn’t show a character Arc System Works has been teasing for a while. That’s the Mechanic.

DNF Duel will some to the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC on June 28, 2022. Pre-orders are open.

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