New Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Trailer Features CG Animation

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero Trailer

A trailer for Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero debuted at New York Comic Con 2021. The trailer provided a look into the animation work that will appear in the title, along with significant characters like Goku, Piccolo, and Pan. Additionally, a special promotional page for the movie features a short interview with Japanese voice actors Masako Nozawa (Goku) and Toshio Furukawa (Piccolo).

The trailer reveals that Dragon Ball: Super Hero will use CG animation. Additionally, viewers get a look into what characters will appear in the film. This includes Goku, Piccolo, Pan, Gamma 1, and Gamma 2. However, more information about the cast will release sometime in the future. The trailer is available to watch through the official website.

Toshio Furkawa, the Japanese voice actor for Piccolo, revealed that Piccolo will play a fairly large role in the film. He noted that the character will share a lot of screen time with Pan, Gohan’s daughter.

Additionally, an interview revealed that Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero takes place after the Broly film. But, that it also takes place before the 28th World Tournament. However, while the film is set to release in Japan sometime in 2022, a Western release date is not yet confirmed. That said, Producer Norihiro Hayashida mentioned that he would like the Western release to be as close to the Japanese release as possible.

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will release in Japan sometime in 2022. A Western release date is currently in negotiations.

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