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New Dragon Ball The Breakers Characters May Include Trunks, Gohan

Dragon Ball The Breakers Characters

The Temporal Seam could be getting a bit more crowded. According to a report from tipster Ryokutya2089, survival game Dragon Ball The Breakers may soon receive new characters. Among the Dragon Ball The Breakers characters added will be Child Trunks, Son Goten, Son Gohan, and Videl.

The tip didn’t specify how the new Dragon Ball The Breakers characters would be implemented in-game. However, given that Adult Trunks and Teen Gohan are already playable, it’s likely they’ll be in their child forms as playable Survivor characters.

The default Dragon Ball The Breakers Survivor characters are generic, player-customizable avatars without set abilities. However, players can unlock new Survivors with unique appearances and exclusive skills abilities. Oolong, for example, can turn into a rocket fly around briefly. Bulma has a custom motorcyle with a powerful jump and speed boost.  Oolong and Bulma were available at launch, and players who maxed out the game’s “Dragon Pass” could unlock Farmer. Farmer can “Till” the ground and occasionally spawn useful items. The report also details the abilities of the new playable Survivors. Child Trunks has a passive that speeds up the cooldown and charge time of the Dragon Change meter. Goten can do a double-jump, and Gohan’s default movement is faster. Videl’s passive skill starts a match with a set amount of Zenny. Zenny can be used to buy weapons, Change Power, or other items from vending machines.

Dragon Ball The Breakers is available on PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. Check out Siliconera’s review.

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