New Dragon Quest Monsters

New Dragon Quest Monsters Appears to Be Going Through Some Development Trouble

Dragon Quest Monsters series producer Taichi Inuzuka shared an update on the development of the new Dragon Quest Monsters. [Thanks, Ryokutya2089.]

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Check out some quotes from Inuzuka-san from the latest issue of V-Jump:

  • Taichi Inuzuka, Producer: “For the new Dragon Quest Monsters game… while I do want to say something cheerful, it really doesn’t feel like it’s going that way. I want to work hard to make something happen soon, but it feels like the more effort I put into it the more fruitless they become?”
  • Taichi Inuzuka: “It’s kind of like taking three steps forward and then two steps back.”
  • Taichi Inuzuka: “There are many good games coming out this year, so please try them out and wait leisurely.”

Square Enix revealed back in November 2018 that a new entry for the series is in development for consoles. It features Erik and Mia from Dragon Quest XI as kids. You can check out more on that in our previous report.

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