New Dragon Quest Monsters Console Game Announced; Has Erik And Mia From DQXI As Kids



Square Enix celebrated the Dragon Quest Monsters series’ 20th anniversary with a special live stream, where it was revealed that a brand-new entry in the series is in the works. [Thanks, Gamestalk.]


It was announced during the live stream that a new Dragon Quest Monsters game is in development for consoles. It isn’t part of the Joker series, nor is it a remake, but something completely new. Akira Toriyama shared an illustration featuring Dragon Quest XI’s Erik alongside his sister Mia in their children forms.


The first Dragon Quest Monsters featured Dragon Quest VI’s Terry and Milly as kids too, and the last main-numbered entry in Dragon Quest Monsters 2 featured original character siblings who got their own versions in Cobi’s Journey and Tara’s Adventure. Perhaps this could be a new main-numbered entry for the series with a Dragon Quest 3?


More information on the new Dragon Quest Monsters game will be revealed later.

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