New Dragon’s Crown Figure Is A Nightmare Of Muscles


Japanese model maker Beat has revealed a 1:6-scale figure of Amazon from Dragon’s Crown (thanks RocketNews). It’s certainly something.

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Staying true to the original character design, the model brings Amazon’s super-ripped body to life with all the exaggerated bulging muscles. Her muscles are the reason that Amazon is the game’s most powerful attacker and doesn’t wear a lot – she doesn’t need armor, apparently.

While art director George Kamitani got away with Amazon’s design in the side-scrolling world of Dragon’s Crown, seeing it in 3D brings up some questions. Like, seriously, what is going on with her left knee? And why is her neck stretching at such as weird angle?

If you want, you can see more photos of the Amazon figure on Beat’s website. It will be going on sale in March 2016 and will be cost 17,064 yen (about $142).

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