FFVII Remake Biggs Wedge rooms

New FFVII Remake Art Shows Biggs and Wedge’s Rooms

The FFVII Remake official Twitter account posted concept art of Biggs and Wedge’s rooms from the game. While you never get the chance to visit these areas in the actual FFVII Remake game, the pictures give a good look at the differences between the characters.

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Wedge’s room is full of cats and is very messy. There is garbage lying about, whether in bags or left on surfaces, and his bed is unmade. In addition, there is a huge bag of cat food open on the ground, providing ample opportunity for more voracious cats to sneak some food. On the other hand, Biggs’s apartment is very clean and tidy. There are tools decorating the walls, as well as a workbench next to his bed. Everything is put in its proper place.

While FFVII Remake did not give you the chance to explore these areas, they did spend more time giving Biggs, Wedge, and Jessie proper personalities. Cloud has many more interactions with the three AVALANCHE members in the remake continuity, ascending them from minor supporting roles to major supporting ones.

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday, FFVII Remake is one of the many video games that are on sale. Stores such as Best Buy and Walmart are offering it for around $24.99. During the Japan Game Awards 2021 in October, FFVII Remake, along with nine other titles, won an Award for Excellence.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is readily available on the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5.

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