New FFVIIR Play Arts Kai Figure Is Aerith in Her Red Dress

Play Arts Kai Aerith

Square Enix will release a Play Arts Kai figure of Aerith in her red dress from Final Fantasy VII Remake. She will cost $154.99 and releases in North America in June 2022. She is wearing the red dress that’s available in Wall Market section of Final Fantasy VII Remake. [Thanks, Hobby Watch!]

Similar to other Play Arts Kai figures, you can change Aerith’s pose by moving her limbs. The figure recreates the intricate curls and ribbons in her hair, as well as the gradient in the dress. Though said dress is long enough to reach the ground, the slit in the side will allow you to move her legs. She also has an interchangeable face place, in which she smiles with her eyes closed, and there are three different hand pieces.

This version of Aerith is not the first Final Fantasy VII Remake character to appear as a Play Arts Kai figure. Within this year, Square Enix also released figures for Tifa, Rufus, Red XIII, Jessie, Yuffie, and Sonon. Square Enix will also release a Static Arts figure of Aerith in her red dress for $179.99. The Static Arts figure also releases in June 2022.

The Aerith (Dress Version) figure from Final Fantasy VII Remake will come out in June 2022 for $154.99.

Stephanie Liu
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