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New Final Fantasy XV Videos Show Off A Fight With Cactuars And Chocobo Racing



During a recent livestream by the popular Japanese magazine VJump over on Nico Nico, a new batch of Final Fantasy XV gameplay was showed off, along with Square Enix Global Brand Director Akio Ofuji in attendance. [Thanks, DualShockers.]


The gameplay was streamed on a PlayStation 4 and features Noct and company exploring while doing some quests, as well as a bunch of Chocobo racing and Chocobo customization. We also get a look as the party hunts down a group of wily Cactuars, while the sixth and final video features a battle with a giant Kujata, a huge bull-like monster most known for appearing as a summon in the original Final Fantasy VII.




Chocobo racing 1:


Chocobo racing 2:


Chocobo racing 3:


Cactuar mobhunt:


Giant Kujata battle: