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New Fire Emblem Engage Trailer Focuses on Characters and Rings

In the newest Fire Emblem Engage trailer, Alear promises their mother they will collect all 12 rings and fight alongside classic characters.

A new Fire Emblem Engage trailer is out, and this one focuses on both original characters like the player avatar Alear and returning heroes they can summon. The video begins with a promise Alear makes to their mother that they will find the 12 rings and bring them together again. Then, in battle, we start to see them call upon characters like Marth for support.

While players can choose Alear’s gender in Fire Emblem Engage, the male version of the character appears in the trailer. Things begin with Alear’s mother dying. She passes on a ring when she does. The avatar then heads out to the battlefield and uses that ring to summon Marth. After the fight, the player character, who is suffering from amnesia, asks Marth what they were like before.

After that, a number of original Fire Emblem Engage characters appear. We hear a character suggesting an alliance with Brodia. Folks like Prince Alfred and Princess Celine of Firene show up. We also see the prince of Brodia, people from a country called Salm, and folks from Illusia, where some worship the Fell Dragon. While many people are shown and introduced, most of them aren’t named yet.

Fire Emblem Engage will come to the Nintendo Switch on January 20, 2023. Pre-orders are open via the eShop.

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