New Forspoken Magic Parkour Trailer Covers Exploration Abilities

As Frey explores the world of Forspoken, she’ll use magic parkour abilities to flow, soar, shimmy, and zip through untamed environments.

Square Enix offered a new look at Forspoken, and this time it focuses on how magic parkour abilities help Frey find her way through the world. Everything starts with a Flow skill. Once a player performs that to get Frey moving, then other skills like shimmy and soar can help her deal with other environmental challenges. All of them use stamina, which means someone must keep an eye on it to keep moving smoothly and swiftly.

Things begin with Flow. This is a dash that gets Frey moving. She can use Rush to briefly move more quickly and recover stamina. With Shimmy, Frey will jump during a Flow to get over gaps or reach areas above or below her. Shimmy also doesn’t use stamina. Glide forms a surfboard out of magic when on top of water. If someone is faced with a cliff or people can’t reach an area, soar lets Frey jump repeatedly on platforms, while Scale lets her jump straight up in the air using phantom footholds.

Some Forspoken magic parkour skills can help protect Frey. Float is a skill that keeps her from dropping quickly when she falls. Zip not only offers a grappling hook like function, but could be used to dodge enemy attacks.

Here’s the trailer showing all of the traversal skills off.

Square Enix shares Forspoken trailers at a fairly regular pace. For example, the Tokyo Game Show 2022 trailer offered a better look at its story. The March 2022 State of Play segment focused on gameplay and combat.

Forspoken will come to the PS5 and PC on January 24, 2023, following a delay out of 2022.

Jenni Lada
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