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New Fortune Street Game Shows More Of Its FF And DQ Characters, And Museum Feature



Square Enix shared the latest on Fotune Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary in this week’s issue of Jump magazine with a look at more of its characters and “Museum” feature details. [Thanks, @kazu4281]


The “Museum” feature is actually a pretty cool one that they’re throwing in to commemorate the big anniversary, and it’ll allow you to check out famous scenes from both Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy series. You’ll get to do so by using in-game coins to unlock the scenes.


The magazine also provides a look at more characters from both series. Starting with Dragon Quest, we have:


  • Alena (CV: Shoko Nakagawa) from Dragon Quest IV
  • Kiryl (CV: Hikaru Midorikawa) from Dragon Quest IV
  • Terry (CV: Hiroshi Kamiya) from Dragon Quest VI
  • Maribel (CV: Aoi Yuki) from Dragon Quest VII


And for Final Fantasy we have:

  • Kefka (CV: Shigeru Chiba) from Final Fantasy VI
  • Zidane (CV: Romi Park) from Final Fantasy IX
  • Yuna (CV: Mayuko Aoiki) from Final Fantasy X
  • Noctis (CV: Tatsuhisa Suzuki) from Final Fantasy XV


Fortune Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary releases in Japan in 2017 for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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