New GameStop FlexPay Includes Pay Later and Rent to Own Plans

GameStop FlexPay

A variety of new GameStop “FlexPay” payment options have been introduced ahead of the upcoming 2020 holiday season. In addition to traditional payment, a layaway system and the previously revealed Xbox All Access program, customers will be able to choose a new “rent to own” plan at checkout. If they would prefer to “buy now, pay later,” then they have two more options beyond those mentioned.

GameStop has partnered with Progressive Leasing for its “rent to own” plan as well as Quadpay and Klarna for the two “buy now, pay later,” plans. Each of these options will affect credit and cost in different ways, so further reading and consideration might be required before utilizing them.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is adding the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S to the Xbox All Access program. GameStop is one of the retailers in the United States that will be offering this program, which is a 24-month payment plan where customers can purchase two years of Xbox Games Pass Ultimate and either an Xbox Series X or an Xbox Series S for $34.99 or $24.99 a month, respectively. The plan is advertised to have no upfront cost, 0% APR, and should be available starting November 10, 2020. In some cases, the Xbox All Access program will be the most affordable way to purchase a next generation Xbox alongside two years of Game Pass Ultimate.

It’s not yet clear how the events of 2020 will shape the upcoming holidays for the company, which is reportedly expecting to close around 400-450 of its currently open stores. What is clear, though, is that changes in consumer spending habits, the introduction of new consoles, an ongoing pandemic, Thanksgiving closings, and these “FlexPay,” options will certainly lead to a different sort of holiday experience for the company’s employees.

Benjamin Maltbie
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