New Grimrock Evangelion Rei Ayanami Figure Wears a Cat-Themed Plugsuit


An Evangelion Rei Ayanami assembly figure of her in a cat girl-themed plugsuit (Grimrock Version) will appear on AmiAmi. It will be a 1/8th scale and will require you to put it together first. Two versions are available for pre-order. One of the figures will be a pale beige color and the other one will be white. They will cost 13,200 JPY each, which is about $97.75. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

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The Grimrock Rei Ayanami figure stands at around 185 millimeters. You will have to put together eighteen different parts, as well as paint her, before she can turn into an actual figure that you can display. There are eye stickers that you can put so you do not have to worry about painting that part. In order to make it easy for beginners to put together and paint, there is a minimum amount of joints and it will come with an instruction manual.

Kawanishi Ken (Grimrock), a modelist, first came up with the cat girl Rei design in 2003. Evangelion Grimrock Plus is a project that started in 2022, with the goal to recreate classic figures from the past. This is very similar to how the Evangelion movies are essentially recreating the lore of the show. Illustrator Mojaringa renewed the art for modern tastes, with Ryuntaro serving as the modelist to bring them to life. Since the Grimrock Rei figure is open for pre-order, RC Berg will re-run the Grimrock Asuka figure, which you can also get via AmiAmi.

The Evangelion Rei Ayanami Grimrock assembly figure is open for pre-order and will come out in late June 2023.

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