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New Gundam Breaker Pre-Orders In Japan Come With Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue Episode 1



New Gundam Breaker releases later this month in Japan and Bandai Namco announced that pre-orders will come with Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue Episode 1.





Gundam Build Fighters Battlogue is a spinoff series that takes place after the events of Gundam Build Fighters that takes us through several Gunpla match-ups with AI based on Gundam characters.



Another pre-order bonus includes a product code to get a once-a-day special mission called “Her name is Super Fumina” that gives you a ticket that can be exchanged for any Gunpla part of your liking.



Lastly, pre-orders include avatar costumes from Gundam Battle Operation Next 2.


New Gundam Breaker releases in Japan on June 21, 2018 for PlayStation 4. It’ll come to the West for PS4 and PC on June 22.

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