New job modifications


At the second developers panel at the Final Fantasy XI: Fan Festival a bunch of possible (emphasis on the word possible) changes were discussed. Also new information was revealed about the Blue Mage and the Corsair.

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Read on below for the full scoop.


Since the warrior can use the largest variety of weapons out of any job class, the developers want to give players different benefits for each weapon.

They’re considering adding an ability where players can throw axes


They want to change the job so the monk is just punching monsters

Since monks have a lot of HP they’re considering an ability where a monk can boost other party members HP

White Mage:

The white mage’s main specialty is healing, so the developers want to give the white mage bonuses to their healing skills

They’re thinking of ways to bring the white mage outside of the back row in combat

The white mage might gain a new ability where it can give some of its HP and MP to other party members during combat

The two hour ability “Benediction” will not only restore all HP, but cure the party of adverse status effects

Black Mage:

The developers have noticed that parties of 5 or 6 black mages can devastate an area. They’re working on making the black mage fit into a more diverse party.

The black mage will get new spells, but these have not been announced.

Red Mage:

Like the black mage the red mage will get some new magic spells, but these were not announced either.


The steal skill may reward people with things other than items.

When “Perfect Dodge”, the thief’s two hour ability, is used it will give the thief bonus damage when he/she is positioned behind a monster. This is similar to sneak attack and is designed so Perfect Dodge can be used as an offensive move.


A new ability that gives the Paladin “auto refresh” status is being considered.

The way shields are used in combat may be changed. They’re considering increasing the amount of TP gained when a shield is equipped.

Dark Knight:

Since two handed swords are preferred over scythes, the developers are looking into bonuses for players who equip scythes.

The “absorb” spell may be modified


In the previous patch monsters would disappear back to their native area. The reason for this was to balance the beastmaster class so it isn’t too powerful. A lot of players weren’t pleased with this change and they’re working on a remedy to this problem.


They plan to make all of the bards songs more useful.

The bard will get a new low level song that can increase the speed of the entire party.


“Sharpshot” will be adjusted so accuracy is not affected by distance.

They are considering increasing the types of arrows that can be put into quivers.


A new skill may be added where the Samurai drains TP from monsters.


The Ninja is a powerful class, but they do not plan on making it weaker.

During the Q&A session the developers said they are considering Utsusemi III.


Since the Dragoon had so many modifications from the previous patch the developers are still seeing how these changes affect the gaem.


They’ve noticed that many summoners just bring out an avatar when they need to cast a certain spell. Instead the developers want players to keep the avatars out longer so they are considering giving summoners more MP.

Sadly there are no plans to have a Bahamut avatar. If Bahamut would be made into an avatar it would have to have its strength lowered and the designers don’t want to do that.

Instead they are looking into new avatars (Possibly Odin? He was at the end of the Aht Uhrgan trailer)

Stay tuned we’re chronicling all the announcements regarding the Corsair and Blue Mage.

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