New Kingdom Hearts Merchandise Features King Mickey

Kingdom Hearts Merchandise

Japanese clothing and accessory retailer JAM HOME MADE released a series of Kingdom Hearts merchandise featuring King Mickey (or Mickey Mouse) and several iconic Keyblades from the series. A total of four exclusive pieces of merchandise are immediately available to purchase. A total of three pieces of merchandise featuring King Mickey are available alongside three different bracelets based on the Kingdom Key and Way to Dawn. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

The three pieces of Kingdom Hearts merchandise focusing on King Mickey are a silver necklace which costs 25,300 yen (or about $173), a total of three different t-shirts at 7,480 a piece (or approximately $51), and two different hoodies at 16,280 yen (or $111). Each of these items features Mickey as he appears in Kingdom Hearts II, wearing the iconic leather jacket donned by the Nobodies.

And lastly, JAM HOME MADE will release a total of two bracelets inspired by the Kingdom Key and Way to Dawn. Each bracelet is 25,300 yen, or roughly $173. You can take a look at both bracelets through the official Kingdom Hearts collaboration merchandise website.

A plethora of Kingdom Hearts goods have released throughout 2022 to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the series. Among the items are a range of themed accessories such as watches and bags. Additionally, Square Enix announced the production of Kingdom Hearts III figures.

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