New Kingdom Hearts Vinyl Boxset Includes New Kingdom Hearts 4 Trailer Song

Kingdom Hearts vinyl

Square Enix announced a new Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack vinyl boxset. It is up for pre-order now from the Square Enix eSTORE. The collection of three records includes a new song from the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 4, which was used in the reveal trailer of the game. The set will cost 16,500 yen (roughly $125), and it is planned to release on March 22, 2023.

The new track included is called “Reality in the Dark,” and it is the song that was used in the reveal trailer of Kingdom Hearts 4. The upcoming entry in the Action RPG series was revealed during the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary celebration in April 2022.

The collection forms part of the line of merchandise celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. The boxset includes 36 carefully selected songs, distributed among three LP records, each jacket displaying the original cover art for each of the three mainline entries. Some of the songs included are classics like “Dearly Beloved,” “Dive into the Heart -Destati-,” “Traverse Town,” and “CHIKAI -KINGDOM Orchestra Instrumental Version-”. Here you can see the boxset in more detail.

The collection of songs comes with a special illustration card showing Sora’s growth from the original Kingdom Hearts to his latest incarnation in Kingdom Hearts 4, along with a plethora of iconic characters from the series.

Kingdom Hearts 4 is currently in development. A mobile spin-off, Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link is coming to Android and Apple iOS devices. Its Japanese closed beta test will run January 13-18, 2023. The Kingdom Hearts Soundtrack vinyl boxset pre-orders are available now in Japan ahead of its March 22, 2023 debut.

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