Pokemon Koraidon and Miraidon merchandise collection Treasured Way Home
Image courtesy of The Pokemon Company

New Koraidon and Miraidon Goods Will Include LED Art Frame

The Pokemon Company has published a teaser for a new merchandise lineup titled “Treasured Way Home.” This collection will feature many items decorated with Koraidon and Miraidon, ranging from daily stationery and apparel to Nintendo Switch-related accessories and a special LED art frame. These items will be available in Japan in late March 2024.

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The LED art frame will appear as the main highlight of this collection. When the frame is turned off by default, it will show a monochromatic illustration of the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet mascots. But after the owner turns it on, the LED light will provide full colors to both Koraidon and Miraidon.

Here is the complete item list, along with their prices in Japanese yen:

  • LED art frame: ¥4,950
  • Set of 2 A4 clear files: ¥660
  • Sketchbook: ¥605
  • Set of pens with sliding case: ¥1,210
  • Acrylic binder: ¥1,760
  • Card case: ¥1,980
  • Glasses case with cleaning cloth: ¥2,420
  • Clear case with carabiner snap ring: ¥880
  • Stainless tumbler: ¥2,640
  • Neck wallet: ¥2,200
  • Acrylic keychain: ¥770
  • Mini shoulder tote bag: ¥3,520
  • Reversible drawstring purse: ¥1,540
  • Hand towel: ¥660
  • Face towel: ¥1,540
  • Nintendo Switch dock cover: ¥2,178
  • Nintendo Switch EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) pouch: ¥3,278
  • Case for 12 Switch cartridges: ¥1,078
  • T-shirt: ¥3,080~¥3,850
  • Boxer pants: ¥1,100~¥1,430
  • Middle socks: ¥495
  • Sports sandals: ¥7,480

Koraidon and Miraidon are the respective mascots of the Nintendo Switch games Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. They are also regarded as Legendary Pokemon in Paldea, the region for the Generation IX games modeled after the Iberian Peninsula. Other merchandise based on the two Pokemon had also appeared in the past, such as the figures in March 2023 and the soft plushes in May 2023.

The new Pokemon merchandise collection “Treasured Way Home,” which features Koraidon and Miraidon, will be available on Pokemon Center Online Japan on March 21, 2024. The items will also appear in physical Pokemon Center stores across Japan on March 23, 2024.

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