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New Live-Action Fatal Frame Movie Announced


    Hot on the heels of the announcement of a new Fatal Frame game for Nintendo’s Wii U, we’ve got word of a new movie as well. The movie will be out this Fall in Japan, according to a report at Cinema Today.


    The movie will cast Nakajo Ayami and Morikawa Aoi as two of the actors in the film. They’re both models from the Japanese magazine Seventeen. The movie is an adaptation of an adaptation—It will follow the novelized version of the original Fatal Frame—and will be set in an old Japanese-style dormitory.


    Nakajo plays Aya Tsukimori, who’s involved in some sort of cursed magic at the dormitory. Morikawa will play the part of sleuthing classmate Michi Kazato who’s investigating mysterious disappearances at the dorm.


    This is probably part of the ongoing transmedia projects planned for the series that we mentioned in our earlier report. However, a Hollywood Fatal Frame adaptation is planned after the new game wraps up as well. (Thanks, Anime News Network)


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