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New LovePlus Turns Towano City Into A Living, Breathing Town


image It’s not "true multiplayer" per se, but this week’s Famitsu reveals that in New LovePlus players will be able to connect to Konami’s servers to upload and download meta-data, which will affect several aspects of Towano City, the game’s fictional setting.


Every time you connect to the servers you’ll upload your game progress, which is then consolidated with other players’ to determine the popularity of various date spots. Frequently-visited spots in Togawa City will appear to be crowded in your instanced game world, making it that much harder to score skinship in those places (much of the gameplay in LovePlus involves "tapping" on your gal when the public awareness meter is low). On the other end of the spectrum, unpopular businesses will go bust, paving the way for new shops.


With each server sync you can also upload a "Voices of the City" personal message and affix it to a specific location in Towano City. These messages will then show up in other players’ games – either with your handle displayed, or anonymously (HN Off). This can have a domino effect, like the closure of a specific ramen store if players heed the advice of an example message featured in one of Famitsu’s screenshots: "the ramen store in front of of Towano train station is horrible lol" (location: Towano train station general area).


Other changes include the time, weather, and season in Towano City. Helping you keep track of it all is Towano Watcher, the in-game magazine that’s updated with each server sync. Famitsu also mentions some sort of data connectivity with "Kanojo Mail", an app currently in development for mobile phones. This is different from connectivity with LovePlus Arcade, which lets you print out namecards/player profile page that you design from within New LovePlus, along with other in-game pictures stored on your 3DS’s SD card.


Apart from connectivity, Famitsu also detailed Towano East, a new area that’ll feature date spots like a camera shop, cookware store, and art space, as well as special events that will let you read books together with your girlfriend.


Details are scarce at the moment, but it appears that you will actually be able to buy digital books and read them together with your chosen LovePlus heroine. You can access and go through these book-reading events even if you don’t plan on purchasing books. However, purchasing and reading them is the only way to hear your gal’s afterthoughts on the books.


New LovePlus drops for the 3DS in Japan on December 8.

Cheng Kai