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New Lycoris Recoil Anime in Production

A new anime for Lycoris Recoil is in production, with a short trailer for it appearing on A-1 Pictures’s YouTube channel. The video mostly uses clips of the first series, detailing the relationship between Chisato and Takina throughout the twelve episodes. As well, the voice-over for the trailer has them expressing their gratitude for each other. [Thanks, Crunchyroll!]

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You can watch the announcement trailer for the new Lycoris Recoil anime here:

There are not a lot of details as of yet. The Twitter account for the Lycoris Recoil anime refers to it as a “new animation” rather than a second season. So it is still unclear if it is a continuation of the first series or if this is a new project. The words that appear in the trailer mention that Takina and Chisato’s story is not over yet, as well as bring up the special moments they’ve accumulated together and the future they chose.

Lycoris Recoil was an original action anime from A-1 Pictures that ran from July to September 2022. It follows Takina, who is part of the all-female assassin and spy group ‘Lycoris,’ and her new position as Chisato’s partner. Lycoris had assigned Takina to Chisato due to Takina jeopardizing her colleagues on a mission. The two of them work undercover in a cafe, though Takina wants to return to her old agency.

The new anime for Lycoris Recoil is in production and more information will appear for it in the near future. Other ongoing projects from A-1 Pictures include the NieR Automata anime and Fate/strange Fake.

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