Preregister and Prepare to Become One of the Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers


Bandai Namco Entertainment has opened up pre-registration for the latest Saint Seiya mobile game, Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers. People can opt in via the App Store and Google Play worldwide. It is a free download, but with in-app purchases.

Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers is described as a “battle strategy RPG” and features 1-on-1 strategic, command-based battles where you challenge fellow players worldwide. Each of the game’s playable 3D characters has its own affinity, with five types of affinity available. The aim is to predict your opponent’s next move and choose three warriors in order to counter them. You can also train your characters to help you become the world’s most powerful warrior.

The game’s second mode is the Cosmo Chronicle Episode campaign, which features classic scenes and character conversations reimagined from the Saint Seiya universe. All of them are fully voiced and have popular BGM tracks. It’s the battle mode which is the game’s biggest-selling point however, with Bandai Namco marketing it as the “first global PvP Saint Seiya game.”

Saint Seiya Shining Soldiers preregistrations are open now on iOS and Android devices. The App Store listing has an expected release date of April 23, 2020. The last Saint Seiya mobile game, Saint Seiya: Cosmo Fantasy, launched in 2017.

Brian Cooper
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