New Mobile Version Of Ragnarok Online Looks A Lot More Like The PC Version


Chinese game studio Xindong announced that it’s developing another mobile game based on Gravity’s popular MMORPG Ragnarok Online at ChinaJoy this year. It’s to be called Ragnarok Online Dream (thanks 2P).


This is not the first Raganarok mobile game, as Ragnarok: Path of Heroes and Ragnarok: War of Gods shows. However, Xindong’s take looks a lot more like the PC version of Ragnarok Online than those previous mobile games.


You can see this in the trailer above, which was released on the game’s website alongside the announcement, as it shows off similar graphics to the PC version as well as pulling various features straight from it including the War of Emperium. The trailer also reveals that Ragnarok Online Dream debut in China in early 2016.

Chris Priestman