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New Monster Hunter Rise Area Is a Flooded Forest


Capcom revealed new information about the latest Monster Hunter Rise Flooded Forest location. It updated the official website and included screenshots and a short synopsis of the new area. A first look at this region was provided during the Monster Hunter Rise The Game Awards 2020 trailer.

The Monster Hunter Rise Flooded Forest will feature dense forests and mysterious ruins that the player can scale with the help of the wirebug. Unlike the previously revealed Shrine Ruins, the Flooded Forest will feature partially submerged areas. You can take a look at the latest screenshots for the Flooded Forest below.

In addition, the official website now contains more information about some recently revealed monsters. The Somnacath, a new aquatic serpent, seems like it will call the Flooded Forest home. Another new monster was confirmed for the upcoming title. The Bishaten will be a new bat-like beast that has a penchant for fruit.

The Monster Hunter Rise The Game Awards trailer not only showcased the two new monstered in action, but confirmed the return of the Royal Ludroth and Great Wroggi.

Monster Hunter RiseĀ will launch on the Nintendo Switch worldwide on March 26, 2021. A demo will be made available for a limited time during January 2021.

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