Monster Hunter Rise Capcom Cafe Collab Merch Features Japanese Cultural Items


The Capcom Cafe has revealed exclusive merch that will be available during its Monster Hunter Rise collaboration event. The event will run from March 26, 2021 to April 22, 2021. Visitors will be able to purchase t-shirts, cups, and stationary featuring key visual artwork and designs. The collaboration event will be held at the Aeon Lake Town Capcom Cafe, located in Saitama, Japan.

Notably, the cafe features a few unique cultural items like the Shuin stamp notebook and Furoshiki cloth, leaning into the traditional Japanese aesthetic of Monster Hunter Rise. The Shuin stamp notebook is traditionally used to collect stamps from temples across Japan, and will cost ¥2,420 (about $22). Furoshiki cloth is a reusable thin cloth most commonly used in wrapping bento boxes, and will be available in two varieties for ¥1,650 (about $15) each.

Monster Hunter Rise Capcom Cafe Merchandise

There will be a total of twelve different pieces of merchandise available. In addition, Capcom Cafe has also announced that the acrylic keychains sold in-store will also be available on Capcom Net-Catcher, starting March 27, 2021. The keychains will have illustrations from the collaboration event, such as the Palico, Palamute, and Magnamalo in an ink brush design.

Here’s a full list of the available merchandise and their prices:

  1.  Clear File – ¥550
  2. Acrylic Keyholder w/ Stand – ¥880
  3. Ballpoint Pen – ¥550
  4. Mini Towel – ¥550
  5. Furoshiki Cloth (two versions) – ¥1,650 each
  6. Glass Cup (two versions) – ¥1,320 each
  7. Wooden Coaster (two versions) – ¥880 each
  8. T-Shirt – ¥3,850
  9. Shuin Stamp Notebook – ¥2,420
  10. Tablet Stand – ¥2,200
  11. Palico Board-style Memo Stand – ¥1,650
  12. Pin Badge – ¥400 per try (available via Gacha machine)

Reservations for seating are currently open. Capcom Cafe has yet to announce the full menu for the collaboration event, but we will most likely see an announcement in the coming weeks as with past collaborations.

Monster Hunter Rise will be available on the Nintendo Switch starting March 26, 2021.

Andrew Kiya
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