New NiGHTs 2 Scans

Jeux-France today posted up scans from a Portugese magazine that have exclusive images of NiGHTs 2 for the Nintendo Wii. When I first heard about the NiGHTS 2 Wii rumor, I’ll admit that I was skeptical about it mostly because I was under the impression that the original NiGHTs more than likely would never be surpassed by its sequel. Of course I blame that on ignorance and understanding, and these scans of NiGHTs 2 seem to lessen my skepticism and make me want to learn more about the game and how it will utilize the Wii’s motion control.

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How many of you were in love with NiGHTs back in the days of the ever awesome Sega Saturn system, the system that was great for fighters and had arguably the best d-pad to date? Did you use the 3D pad for games other than NiGHTs and Panzer Dragoon (yes, I used the 3D control pad for Panzer Dragoon)? Ah well. Links to the scans can be found below since, you know, the scans are pretty huge…at least the actual magazine scans with text are too big.

nights1.jpg nights2.jpg nights3.jpg 

nights4.jpg nights5.jpg nights6.jpg

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