New One Piece Film: Red Trailer Reveals Heroine’s Identity

One Piece Film Red Heroine

Toei Animation released a new trailer for the upcoming One Piece Film: Red movie featuring Uta, the film’s main heroine, and her connection to Shanks. Shueisha also released new designs for Uta, Shanks, and a new character named Gordon. The trailer is available to watch on YouTube.

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The teaser trailer reveals that the singer, who appeared in earlier promotional materials, is a girl named Uta. Uta is a singer with an “otherworldly” voice and many fans, and the movie will revolve around her first public performance. However, the girl’s name is a pseudonym that conceals her true identity. What’s more, the story will begin with the reveal that Uta is Shanks’ daughter. The trailer indicates that Uta’s singing voice will somehow change the world.

Additionally, the One Piece Film: Red Twitter account shared a few character design documents. The drawings show off full-body designs for both Uta and Shanks. Uta’s design has the character wearing a one-piece dress and an oversized jacket, as well as wearing headphones and holding a microphone. Shanks’ design looks to be faithful to his original manga appearance. Furthermore, there is a new character named Gordon who resembles Frankenstein’s Monster. It’s unclear what the character’s role will be. Last month, the company also released designs for the members of the Straw Hat Pirates.

You can check out the One Piece Film: Red character designs below:

Here is the new One Piece Film: Red teaser trailer featuring the heroine Uta:

One Piece Film: Red will debut in Japanese theatres on August 6, 2022.

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