Aigis Figma ahoy! This is the “Aigis: The ULTIMATE ver. Famitsu Original Color” Figma based on Aigis’ appearance in Persona 4: Arena.


…or rather, her colour variation based on Labrys’ colour scheme, which was available as DLC through a download code released in Famitsu magazine:



This version of Aigis is being released through Famitsu publisher Enterbrain’s online store, ebten. If you want to import it, though, you can do so through the GoodSmile Online Shop. They’re taking orders for customers outside of Japan. The Figma will be released in January 2013.


Note that there’s regular version of this Figma, too, with Aigis’ original look. That one is simply titled “Aigis: The ULTIMATE ver.” and comes with the same parts as the Famitsu version—a bazooka, Gatling gun, missile launcher, and mask.




This Figma will be available a little sooner than the Famitsu variant. You’ll be able to grab it in December, and can order it via the GoodSmile Online Shope here.


Both Aigis Figmas cost 4,800 yen. Also, in case you missed the news, a Labrys Figma is on its way, too.


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