New Pokemon Center Merchandise Features Popular Trainers From Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Center Merchandise Sword and Shield

A new series of merchandise will be available at Pokemon Centers, and these new items will feature popular trainers from Pokemon Sword and Shield. These new items will include acrylic standees of trainers like Raihan, Nessa, Piers, Marnie, and Leon. This lineup will also include key chains, towels, Nintendo Switch dock covers, iPhone cases, a backpack, sweater, special themed towel, and plush dolls. Pre-orders for these things will begin on September 24, 2020, and the merchandise will officially launch on September 26, 2020.

Trainers from Pokemon Sword and Shield won’t be the only ones receiving Pokemon Center exclusive merchandise. Other trainers from previous Pokemon games will be part of this new line of merchandise. This includes Volkner, Erika, N, Serena, May, and Emmet and Ingo.┬áThere are currently no prices listed for any of these items. However, the official Pokemon Center website has uploaded images, which you can take a look at below.

As you can see, characters from Pokemon Sword and Shield have the most merchandise in this new Pokemon Center collection. Unique items include Raihan’s sweater, Kabu’s towel, and Marnie’s backpack. These items could be great for cosplayers or collectors of special goods. While Galar Region trainers will be receiving accessories and attire, trainers from other regions will only be receiving key chains, acrylic standees, towels, and t-shirts.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are immediately available for Nintendo Switch. The Pokemon Sword and Shield Isle of Armor expansion is also immediately available.

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