New Pokémon GO Statistics Reveal That Players Caught Over 88 Billion Pokémon Since Launch



Niantic has released a new batch of statistics for Pokémon GO, revealing information on how much players have walked as well as how many Pokémon they have captured.


Back in September, Niantic reported that, since Pokémon GO’s release, players had walked over 4.6 billion kilometers. Now, the new statistics show that, as of December 7th, players have walked over 8.7 billion kilometers in total, which is equal to over 200,000 trips around the earth. During all that walking, they were able to catch a massive total of 88 billion Pokémon, which Niantic says equates to capturing roughly 533 million Pocket Monsters each day.


Here’s a look at the official video detailing the statistics.



Pokémon GO is available for iOS and Android devices.