New Pokemon Series’ Name is Pokemon Horizons

Pokemon Horizons anime new name

The Pokemon Company International revealed the name and logo for the new anime series, and it will be named Pokemon Horizons: The Series. It appeared along with a new trailer. Taito Okiura, vice-president of marketing for the Pokemon Company International, said the series will begin “premiering outside of Japan later this year.” There’s no exact 2023 release date yet.

Pokemon Horizons will follow dual protagonists Liko and Roy as they explore the mysteries of the world. Liko is a girl with a mysterious pendant and is accompanied by her partner Sprigatito, while Roy wishes to challenge Legendary Pokemon along with his Fuecoco. These four will be joined by a group known as the ‘Rising Volt Tacklers’ consisting of Friede the leader, Murdock the chef, Orla the mechanic and Mollie the healer. Also appearing are Amethio the Explorer and mascot-suited streamer Nidothing. The trailer also showed the involvement of a black Rayquaza, which viewers may recognise as the shiny variant from the games.

You can watch the trailer for the new Pokemon anime below:

While it does have a name, the new Pokemon anime series has not had a location confirmed. However the appearance of the Paldean starters and an academy-like setting may lead some to speculate that it takes place at least partly in Paldea, the setting of the recent Scarlet and Violet games.

Pokemon Horizons: The Series is promised for “2023 and beyond.” The most recent games in the series are Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which had DLC announced last month.

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