New Pokémon Smartphone Game Is All About Raising Magikarps, For Magikarp Lovers

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The Pokémon Company previously teased a new smartphone game that’s all about Magikarp and with the game releasing tomorrow we now know a lot more about the title made for Magikarp lovers.


Splash! Magikarp is a game that features Magikarp as the protagonist, and your goal is to help it train so that it can “Splash” higher than any other Magikarp out there. As you train your Magikarp with Eye of the Tiger in loop, you’ll come across various events as well as some familiar Pokémon.


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The game takes place in a place called “Hop Town,” a town where everyone loves Magikarps. Hop Town has a special league where Magikarps compete by seeing which one can Splash the highest.


004 005

Becoming the best Splasher requires serious training as well as serious eating to go for the Splash gains. You’ll need to make sure your Magikarp is eating and training well in order for it to be at the top of its Splash game.


006 007

008 009

Nothing beats the majestic looks of the original Magikarp, but you’ll get to see various kinds of Magikarps, including some with rare appearances.


010 011

012 013

Pikachu, Piplup, Rowlet, and Charizard are among some of the popular Pokémon you’ll see in the game, and they’ll be there to cheer on Magikarp.



They’ll also be there to help support on the game’s home screen pond.



As you advance through the game, you’ll go through randomly occurring events. These events come in good and bad varieties. For example, the above screenshot shows that Magikarp was able to get a Berry after a high Splash.



This event is called “Old Rod” and it shows Magikarp encountering a snack with a message saying “It looks like eating this will provide an instant power-up, but I also have a bad feeling about it…”


017 018


As you play through the game you’ll unlock various decorations for your home screen pond.


Splash! Magikarp launches in Japan for iPhone and Android on May 23, 2017.

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