New Sakura Revolution Story Trailer Teases the ‘Next Episode’

Sakura Revolution story trailer

Sakura Revolution (aka Sakura Kakumei), the new Sakura Wars-based mobile game from the developers of Fate/Grand Order, is nearing its 2020 release window, and Sega is about to set its promotional efforts fully into motion. And the first step to doing that is announcing a future announcement via the game’s latest trailer. Airing during Sega’s Tokyo Game Show 2020 online stream, the new trailer blends art from the game with clips from its animated prologue. Above it all is the voice of Shino Sakura, the game’s lead heroine and future member of the Imperial Combat Revue.

The voiceover also quickly summarized the premise of Sakura Revolution and Shino’s backstory. Taking place far past Sakura Wars’ alternate-1920s time period, Shino grew up on the distant island of Aogashima, where she idolized her mother, a star in the Imperial Opera Troupe. Due to a disaster 16 years ago that ruined much of Tokyo, the stage her mother once shined on is now occupied by others (presumably the idols of B.L.A.C.K., a rival faction in the game). But Shino still wants to stand there, shining in the spotlight. To that end, she’ll make her way to Tokyo and to new adventures and friendships.

The video takes the format of an anime-style next-episode preview, a framing device used often in the main Sakura Wars games. In this case, Sakura Revolution uses its stinger to reveal an the first episode of the promotional stream “Aogashima Command Center Communiqué.” Scheduled for October 9, 2020, the broadcast is titled “Its Name Is The Great Imperial Combat Revue,” implying that the event may reveal more details about the factions and characters of the game world.

Pre-registration is also open for the game on Japanese app stores. No international release information was revealed.

Sakura Revolution is due for Android and iOS devices sometime in 2020. Check out the first gameplay trailers and the full 24-minute animated prologue in our previous report.

Josh Tolentino
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