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New Shenmue III Game Footage From MAGIC 2018 Shows Off Ryo’s QTE Action Sequences



New gameplay footage recorded from MAGIC 2018’s Shenmue III appearance has been uploaded to YouTube, showing off some of the QTE action sequences that players will need to successfully execute. Furthermore, the official site has also been updated with new screenshots from the build that was shown off at the event.


Apart from showing gameplay, the footage also shows off a short sequence where Ryo plays a boxing arcade machine. Several seemingly-important story scenes are also shown off.


Below is the recorded gameplay footage (which cuts off before the trailer finishes):


Here are also the new screenshots shown off on the main site, along with their caption:

shenmue3 1

Isn’t she charming?

shenmue3 2

From a scene featuring the recently introduced character.

shenmue3 3

Who is this masterly-looking elderly gentleman?

shenmue3 4

That stance means war! Ryo, it’s time for action!

Shenmue III releases in the second half of 2018 for PlayStation 4 and PC.

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