New Shonen Jump Manga Called Yokai Buster Murakami
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New Shonen Jump Manga Called Yokai Buster Murakami

Another new Shonen Jump manga debuted, and the first chapter of Yokai Buster Murakami is now live in English as well on MangaPlus and Viz Media. The mangaka is Daiki Ihara.

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Yokai Buster Murakami is set in a world in which yokai are spilling into the real world and threatening people. Exorcists are tasked with sealing them away to protect folks. High school student Kuin is one of them, but also happens to be a bit of a coward. So when going on a mission to vanquish a kappa, Murakami comes along for moral support. While Murakami isn’t an exorcist, he’s exceptionally good at pointing out flaws and tearing down opponents by pointing out their weaknesses and obvious flaws. This, in turn, decreases the yokai spirit energy and tears them down verbally so Kuin can seal them. So, the duo head off to seal more yokai together.

While new Shonen Jump manga can often be from relatively new mangaka, Daiki Ihara is a fairly established creator. Ihara previously worked on the One Piece spin-off called Koisuru One Piece, which follows some young folks who are fan of the series and have the same first names as its characters. The mangaka also went on to create Protect Me, Shugomaru, which appeared in Japanese and English.

This is the first new Shonen Jump manga in June 2024. The last series to debut was Psych House. It started its run in May 2024.

The first chapter of the Yokai Buster Murakami manga is now live, and the second will appear on June 23, 2024.

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