New Slowpoke Udon Postbox Appears in Kagawa Prefecture

Slowpoke Udon Postbox

In collaboration with the The Pokemon Company, the Kagawa Prefecture branch of the Japan Post has unveiled a new postbox featuring Slowpoke as a member of the “Udon PR team”. Japan Post also revealed a new delivery car with slowpoke decals, which will be used to deliver packages in the Takamatsu city area. [Thanks, Famitsu!]

Why Slowpoke? Slowpoke’s name in Japanese is “Yadon”, which sounds similar to “Udon” noodles. Udon happens to be one of Kagawa’s most famous foods, and thus the idea was born out of wordplay. Additionally, Slowpoke can summon rain and has a sweet-tasting tail. As the prefecture rarely gets any rain and is also known for producing Japanese sugar, it’s a perfect match.

The postbox has a Slowpoke head on the top, surrounded by pink and white udon noodles. The back of the box has a Shellder attempting to eat the noodles. It also has famous landmarks like the Seto-Ohashi bridge, and a nice piping bowl of udon. Similarly, the delivery car features designs of Slowbro and Slowking, as well as a Slowpoke lying down with a pile of letters.

To commemorate the occasion, the post office is offering a free to use Slowpoke stamp until the end of 2021.

Check out the Pokemon postbox and car designs below:

The collaboration is part of the “Pokemon Local Acts” initiative started by The Pokemon Company in April 2018, which also appointed Geodude as the ambassador of Iwate Prefecture. The Pokemon Company, in collaboration with fishing lure company DUO, also announced Pokemon-themed fishing lures earlier in March.

Andrew Kiya
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