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New Splatoon 3 Update Patch Focuses on Splatfest Changes and Fixes

Splatoon 3 Update Patch

Nintendo released a new update patch for Splatoon 3. It’s not a huge update and mostly focused on a few fixes, along with a change to Splatfests. The patch is ready to be installed now.

The main purpose of this new Splatoon 3 update has been to add data related to upcoming Splatfests. However, there’s an additional change, as Nintendo are changing the brightness and color choices for ink during Splatfests. There will also be changes to ink coloring for the Color Lock accessibility feature which will be added in the next patch.

Elsewhere, the new Splatoon 3 update focuses on a few bug fixes. A crash during a Special Wave of Salmon Run has been fixed. A bug that caused music and animation to desync during Splatfest Plaza performances has also been fixed. In addition, players will no longer lose changes to their locker if they’re editing during a schedule transition.

The new update comes just before the latest Splatfest event. In celebration of the upcoming release of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, it will be themed around the Triforce. Players can choose to be part of teams for power, wisdom or courage. The Splatfest takes place on 5-7 May, 2023.

Splatoon 3 is available now for Nintendo Switch.

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