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New Square-Enix Trademark: Hand of the Heavenly Bride


As if the news regarding Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen coming to America wasn't exciting enough for you, here's some more Dragon Quest loving! Recently, Square-Enix registered "Hand of the Heavenly Bride" with the U.S. Patent Office, yet the title of the trademark basically adds a few more words to Dragon Quest V's subtitle "Heavenly Bride". It doesn't take much detective work to realize that this is more than enough proof that Dragon Quest V DS may be headed to our shores, but you may pretend it won't and shout in disbelief! 


With Dragon Quest V DS seeing a release this July in Japan, I'm curious to know when Dragon Quest IV is hitting our shores. Better yet, how long will it take for Dragon Quest V to be released here once IV has been released? Only time will tell!

Images courtesy of Square Enix and the USPTO.