New Starly Girls Strategy RPG Project Is In The Works For Consoles



    Kadokawa Games’ sci-fi smartphone game Starly Girls had players lead a crew of “Star Girls” and mechas called “G-Gear” last year, and the series is jumping into its next phase with a new console game.


    The news comes from the official Starly Girls Twitter account, where it was revealed that a new strategy RPG is being developed by Gcraft. More information will be revealed on a later date.


    As for the original Starly Girls, the game put you in the role of the captain of a spaceship called “Asterism,” with plenty of space exploration with your crew of Star Girls that piloted G-Gear (Gravity Gear) mechas as part of its sci-fi action. It offers a variety of ways to power-up the Star Girls including customization and upgrades for the G-Gear, weapons, and more. You can check out more about it in our previous report.

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