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New Stranger of Paradise Demo Released Alongside Trailer

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin may be releasing in a matter of days, but Square Enix is giving fence-sitters another chance to sample the game. A March 2022 State of Play trailer for the action-RPG confirmed that there will also be a new Stranger of Paradise demo available on March 9, 2022.

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Check out the trailer below.


The Stranger of Paradise trailer itself focuses almost exclusively on gameplay, showing protagonist Jack dispatching various monsters with violent moves. Some of these executions cause the monsters to erupt with red crystals after Jack finishes them off with a “Soul Burst” attack. The game will have a job system that allows players to customize characters’ abilities. Jack himself can equip two jobs at a time, allowing him to mix and and match skills for greater synergy. Some of the jobs available include Dark Knight, Ninja, and Void Knight.

According to a post from Square Enix, the demo can be played solo or as a group of three. It contains multiple locations from the full game. The areas include the Chaos Shrine, Pravoka Seagrot, and Western Keep. Jack will begin the trial as a Swordsman, and gain access to jobs like Black Mage, Lancer, and Pugilist. Progress from the Stranger of Paradise demo will carry over into the full game on release.

The story will focus on Jack as he travels along the path to becoming classic Final Fantasy villain Garland. Producer Jin Fujiwara refers to Stranger of Paradise as an “alternate retelling” of Final Fantasy I, one that explores a backstory of sorts for the character of Garland, who wasn’t presented in much detail in the original game. Novelist Tomoco Kanemaki, who penned novelizations of Kingdom Hearts titles and worked on Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, was also involved in constructing Stranger of Paradise‘s narrative.

Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin has a new demo out on March 9, 2022 on consoles. The game releases fully for the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and PC on March 18, 2022. Its PC system requirements are also available.

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