New Ultraman CG-Animated Film Will be Developed by Netflix

Ultraman Netflix

A new Ultraman CG-animated film is currently in development in conjunction with Netflix and Tsuburaya Productions. The project was announced through the official Netflix Geeked Twitter account. However, outside of the announcement of the project, the Twitter account did not share any further information. [Thanks, Variety!]

In a report from Variety, details about the upcoming film were shared. This included the general synopsis of the film, which involves a new character that will be assuming the role of Ultraman. Additionally, this entry in the Ultraman franchise will see the hero raising a kaiju as his own child. The Variety report also shared members of the cast, which includes Shannon Tindle, Marc Haimes, and John Aoshima. Tindle will direct, while Aoshima will co-direct the film. Haimes will provide the script.

Takayuki Tsukagoshi, chairman of Tsuburaya Productions, stated that the upcoming Netflix Ultraman CG-animated film will be the company’s first “full-scale endeavor to reach the global market.”

The Ultraman franchise continues to expand, with a Hideaki Anno led Ultraman project having been announced in January 2021. Shin Ultraman will provide another interpretation of the classic character and franchise. This new entry in the series is scheduled to release sometime in Spring 2021 to Japanese audiences.

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