New, Unsettling Screenshots & Video Releases For Ito-Inspired World Of Horror



A handful of new screenshots, as well as a new trailer, offer a deeper glimpse into the Junji Ito-inspired visuals of -Kyōfu No Sekai- World Of Horror (now known as World of Horror).


893340237_preview_643 893340237_preview_steam04

893340237_preview_cutter 893340237_preview_03 — kopia


The new screenshots show hints of the game’s monstrous encounters that stem from the revival of the old gods. It also shows aspects of the card-based battle system, although does not offer many new details on how it will work.


893340237_preview_02 — kopia download


Players will also be able to acquire new cards from an adorable shopkeeper, bolstering their combat abilities (and possibly other powers in other aspects of the game). The screenshots also show exploration elements that may change how the game’s various stories and mysteries play out depending on player actions.




World of Horror has begun a Greenlight campaign for an eventual Steam release, which is projected for Summer of this year. A demo is available on

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